Easy Day

4 miles this evening after my 5.6 miles Saturday. Ran by one house where the owner had let his dog out to take care of his business. It was one of those dogs that ou could hold in the palm of your hand. He barked right at my feet for the length of the yard. I thought to myself, ya know.....I Sh#t bigger than you every day. The owner yelled at the dog "Junior, get back in here!"

I thought to myself, yea junior wait about 30 minutes when I swing back by and wait for me at the curb. I will kick you all the way into next week. He did not take me up on my offer.

Got back home and my wife had made home made Lasagna. Not the frozen store bought kind. Had 2 servings with some home made bread....life is good.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!! man every blog i have read today is talking about food :) i love homemade Lasange we do it every 2 weeks.