Noticed a few days ago that the bottom of my left foot started to get sore. Kind of feels like when you walk barefoot and step on a rock and it hits right in the middle of the foot. I have never experienced this before. Thursday when I was on the treadmill it started to really hurt, but went away after a couple of miles.

I got new shoes a couple of weeks ago and only hope it is a coincidence and my $100 shoes are'nt the reason. I have ran in them for several miles now. I doesn't make sense that it is the shoe style since it is only my left foot. Now when I wear any shoe, I feel this soreness.

I bought the of shoe that matched my type of pronation, based on guidelines from Runnersworks.com.

Anyone have any ideas?


P.Hill said...

I had a pear of trainers(sneakers is that right?) that cost me about $150 and they were crap. They caused me all sorts of problems in the heal etc. If they aint right for you its bad luck. Get them replaced asap and get a shoe that works for you.

Adam said...

I took you advice. Ordered some new ones on the internet today and put my pair on ebay.