I'm going to have surgery later this month which will require me to not do any running for about 3-4 weeks after. Half Marathon is out of the question since I will be out of shape.

Nothing serious, but very necessary. Still running, but not as much miles. More posts later this weekend.


Debbi said...

Bummer! I'm so sorry you won't be there, but hope your surgery goes well. Maybe next year!

jogblog said...

Shame about the half-marathon :-(

Hope the surgery goes well.

Mary Christine said...

So sorry to hear of your disappointing news. Hope your surgery goes well.

Phil said...

Hey Adam glad to see your still keeping the blog going. Sorry to hear about the surgery i hope it all goes well. :)

Im back blogging but had to change the url etc.

WADDLER26.2 said...

So sorry -good luck with your surgery