4 Miles on the teadmill Thursday, another 4 Saturday morning outside.

Satuday I got up late, thought I would go to the gym, but it did not seem that hot so I decided to take one of my routes down the road, it was about 8:00 and everything went ok until about mile 2.5. It seemed like all of my energy was drained. I had to change to walking for about a minute and running a minute. Proably a total of 3 miles running. I did notice however that since it took longer I burned about 740 calories vs 600 the last time I ran the whole 4 miles.

Saw an add in the recent Runners World was referring to some folks as not real "runners" and they were not worthy to wear their shoes. It kinda ticked me off. In this day and age where we know that the majority of the poplulation is overweight to some extent why have this attitude?

Even if someone is just "jogging" and enjoying the scenery, at least they are doing more than most.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Found your blog through Mary Christine. I had a similar experience yesterday...went out for 4 miles and had to walk by mile 3. It's just soooo dang hot outside!!! It's draining.

Debbi said...

John "The Penguin" Bingham, who writes for Runner's World, shares your opinion of that ad in his blog at http://penguintimes.blogspot.com/2007/07/fine-nine.html

Lately, I always have to take a walk break sometime after the third mile. I trust that several weeks of serious training will help. Next race is in October; training starts in two weeks.

Allez said...

I've gotten the "you're not a REAL runner" vibe because I haven't run a sub 4 hour marathon. Some people will never be happy.

Mary Christine said...

I think that ad campaign will have severe negative unanticipated consequences. If you haven't yet, go see what "the penguin" said about it... it was great.