4.6 and Harvest time

4.6 miles Wednesday on the extremely hilly route as I call it. Longest I have run in awhile. Did not run out of gas since the humidty was a little lower. My shirt was still completely soaked when I got done. 11:00 pace, I really suck now but will improve. I figure this running in the heat will prepare me for faster paces when it cools down.

My wife and kids picked alot of stuff out of our garden today as you can see below. We have been getting corn, purple hull peas, tomatoes, canalope,watermelons, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, banana peppers, chilie peppers, squash, corn, egg plant, and later this year will get some sweet potatoes if they pan out. I ate a whole tomato with my dinner tonight, I love it.


Mary Christine said...

Excellent! Fresh food you grew yourself? How wonderful.

Debbi said...

It's all relative. You did 4.6 at an 11-minute pace and think your time sucks. I did 3 miles yesterday at an 11:05-minute pace and thought I was awesome!

Your produce is lovely!

P.Hill said...

Wow that food looks fantastic, I have just started growing some food and ate my first potato (that i grew) yesterday :) we have a very small garden so cant do a lot :)