6.0 and Snake Bit

Six miles today. Pace was not too good, but I still made it pretty well.

Yesterday was rather exciting. I was working on my Bee hive and my dog starting barking at the bushes near me. She is a lab and the only reason she would be barking is that she has found a snake. She has found, and I have helped her kill 3 others this summer. I went back to my shop to grab a hoe and got back to her, she was still barking in a really bushy fence line.

I finally saw it from the other side of the fence,a Copperhead. I tried to get it throught the bushes with the hoe and my dog(Missy) was still barkin. I guess I flushed it out on her side, and saw Missy jump real high and then come back and grab the snake and started shaking if fiercely. She pretty well tore the snake in half.

What I did not realize until about an half an hour later is that the snake bit her just above the eye. It started swelling real quick. I took her to the vets office and he gave her some Steroids and anitbiotics. By the time I got her to the vet it had been about an hour and half since the bite. He told me that if she was not dead by now she will be ok. The snake apparently only got a small amount of venom in her. Needless to say her eye swelled up enough to close it last night but looked better this morning. She laying around the house today, but seems to be recovering.

Below is a pic of me and the cuprit. It was about 3-1/2 feet long and probably 3 inches thick in the middle.


Debbi said...

That's the biggest copperhead I've ever seen! That would totally freak me out. I'd surely run faster than I ever have in my life. Hope Missy is okay. The best dogs I've ever had have been Labs (or Lab mixes).

P.Hill said...

Oh man that is freaky. Just the other night i was moaning about all the midges lately we have (its about the most exotic insect we get) and you have that thing .....blimey!!!