Since I ran just 3 miles Sunday I went to gym Monday and thought I would do 4 on the treadmill. Of course it was 65 out so they did not have the AC on. Well with about 20 gals doing aerobics and about 10 others working out it did not take too long for the gym to be scorching. I got so hot I left the treadmill and finished to 3 miles, but was too run down from the gym to do 4:/

Last week I started my "Core Training". As I said before, I hate this stuff and have basically not done any of this the last 10 years, but I must now based on my gut.

Here are my workouts... this week 3 times this week 14 reps for each workout.

Standing Knee Flexion
Ball Reach-Knee Level(I have'nt bought a ball yet so I'm pretending to have one)
Toe Touch
Heel Touch
Glute Bridge
Prone Crossover
Back Extension(Whoops, dont have the equipment to do this one)
Lying Side Leg Raise
Lying Inside Leg Raise
Left Side
Down Side

I got a book called The Complete Book of Core Training" It has a lot of variety of types of workouts, maybe this will work.

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