I skipped my usual long run on Sunday(5 Miles) since I really felt like crap that morning. I spent the day Saturday mowing and weed eating and I think the grass and dust really gave me an allergic reaction. I have never really experienced this before so now I guess I can empathise with folks I have seen with this problem.

I feel at about 90% this morning so I can start my training for the St. Jude/Memphis Half Marathon this week. The race is Dec 6th.

Oh yeah, I checked my weight the Friday and was at 213, which means I have loast about 12 pounds the last couple of months. I have not been on a diet per se, but have cut out eating out for lunch to only 1 time per week and have just really cut out doing really dumb things like eating 2 pop tarts and a bowl of ice cream as a snack at 9:00 PM.

I have also really been trying to eat as much fruit and vegtables as possible.

I also harvested our sweet potatoes Saturday. I filled up the front bucket of my tractor, I'm guessing it was about 150LBs of sweet potatoes. It will last us for a whole year. I keep reading it will be good to add it to my diet as a runner, but sweet potatoes are one of the few things I really cant stand.

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