3 Miles yesterday afternoon and 7 this morning.

I shaved almost 2 minutes off of my last 7 miler 3 weeks ago...woo hoooo. Problably due to the cooler weather this morning. 40 degress and it felt great. These new shoes may work out, my toe did not start giving me trouble until the last few feet of my run.

My next run will be a 4 miler in downtown tokyo on Monday morning(Sunday night central standard time)


Nikemom said...

Holy cow! What are you going to be doing in Tokyo? Have fun whatever it is your doing. Sounds like the marathon training is rockin' out! Nothing but a rockstar you are. :D

Adam said...

My Tokyo trip is all business. I slide in some sake and sushi as much as I can.

Mary Gee said...

Can you post some more pics of Tokyo? Have a great trip. And nice job on your running!