Happy Halloween

October has been a pretty good month. I ran almost 20 miles more than in September. I have not weighed myself in awhile, but I am sure I have not lost much weight. On of my goals the next 6-8 months is to lose some weight. My biggest weakness is portions and sometimes just eating some really stupid stuff like Nachos, fries, pizza. I've been pretty good about staying away from the sweet stuff, but its the greasy/salty things that I really crave. Its seems crazy, but all this running makes me eat more.

I also eat fruit and veg's each day, I just pile on other crap that is totally unacceptable.

Prayers are appreciated and welcome.


Nikemom said...

Good job on the running! As for the weight, totally understand. Have you thought of trying Weight Watchers? Have a great weekend. :D

Mary Gee said...

Nachos, fries, and pizza! these are a few of my favorite things.

I am with you, trying to lose weight... and the more I run, the hungrier I get - which is fine as long as I don't think I somehow have carte blanche to eat anything I want.