6 and 10

6 Miles on Friday. I was supposed to run Thursday also but I was really having some stomach issues and missed that one. I don't feel too guilty since it is the first scheduled run I have missed in probably 3 months. Actually the missed day helped me legs recover a little.

10 miles today but not the results I had hoped for. First I overslept and did not get to run in the early hours(5 AM) I went out about 1:00, the weather was pretty nice...45 degrees). I had laid out a water bottle at about mile 3.5 last night that I could grab during my run but someone had run over it sometime after I left it out. WTF? I left it in the grass on the side so somone must of really not been paying attention. So no hydration for me until on my way back at mile 6 I saw a couple of guys outside a house and asked them if they would let me get a drink from their hydrant. They were nice enough to allow me.

I still did not get the water I needed and I started to feel it at mile 8. After that I took about 5 walk breaks for about 50 feet and then would run for about a quarter mile and walk again. My ending time was an 11:06 pace but if I did not have the water problem I am sure I could have gone maybe 10:45.

I also think my pace was a little fast early on. My first 3 miles were at about a 10:15 pace. Oh well, Tuesday will be another day for some speed work and I'll put today behind me.

Less than 1 month to the Memphis Half.

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