6 miles last night on the backroads.

I don't know how I did it, but I ran at a pace just a few seconds shy of 10 min miles. Its very hilly here and I focused on keepinig a real good pace down hill and a steady one up.

Who would have figured all this training actually works?

I'm starting to get a big head now and was searching the internet for a half marathon in January. I could not find any near me except for a trail run the "Swamp Stopper 25k/50K". 25K is a little longer than a half and this one is on January 18th. It does not seem too soon after the one I am running on Dec 6th.

I have never run a trail race, but it seems real interesting and a nice change. Comments are appreciated.

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Phil said...

That's quite interesting because just a few days ago I was talking to a friend who has just started Fell running which I presume is similar to trail running. I’m doing my first fell running race in the new year :) muddy and hills is the order of the day I think. :)