5 Miles this morning. Pretty cold for me(24 degrees). I bought some Under Armour pants that other day for mornings like this. These are the kind that are tight, I certainly wont be wearing these around the general population and/or without a pair of shorts over them. Seeing yourself in these kind of puts things in ........shall we say a different perspective? However they really did make a difference today so I may get another pair so I wont be rushing to wash them each time I go out for a run.

I have a question. I have Nike shoes and gloves, and coat. Under armour shirts, pull down knit cap, socks and sweats. If you wear different brands of shoes and clothes at the same time does it somehow throw the cosmic balance out of whack. Does the "Just Do It" some how conflict with "Protect This House" I may have stumbled upon another factor of performance.

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P.Hill said...

All the stuff i wear for running is not designed for running. It's just nice to wear. Most of my kit is designed for Mountain use etc.

Where whatever you like i say.