Last week was a dissapoint as far as my running goes. I ran Tues and Thursday and was scheduled for 4 miles Sat and 5 Miles Sunday. I spoke to my parents Satuday and they were looking for an new generator. If you live in the U.S. and have heard of the ice storm that went through portions of the South, you know several hundred thousand folks are stil without power.

I found a generator at a town near me and drove it over to their place Saturday night, so no run on that day. Then spent about 5 hours with a chainsaw cutting all the limbs that fell in their yard on Sunday. No run, but I guess the cutting could be considered weight training. I had some illusion that when I got home at about 5:00 I would be able to run, but my back was really sore and I was exhausted. My drive home took about 2 hours and I saw hundreds of power poles that were either broke off halfway down the pole, or just leaning at about 45 degrees. I heard in my parents county there were approximately 3000 poles needing replacing. The ice storm came through last Wednesday night and my folks and alot of others still do not have power. They had 1-1/2 inches of ice on everything.

5 miles today and hopefully can get back into a groove as far as training goes.

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