Went about 4-1/2 miles this morning. 44 degrees out and felt great. Farthest I've goine in about 2 months. Still not running very fast (may be 10:30 mile), but I did pick up the pace in a few flat stretches.

I'm still taking it easy going up some of the larger hills. I think that is what caused my strained calf.

Before my injury I would run 5 miles every other day, period. I did not realize the benefit of having some lighter days and 1 long one. Besides a little soreness after my drive to work, I have no real aches and pains throughout the day.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your doing well. I regard rest as important as any run i do. If im feeling tired on a training day i just rest until my energy levels get back up. During my 14 week marathon training ive taken more rest days than i should but i know for a fact if i didnt i would have some sort of injury.

Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Good job-keep it up!

Aron said...

Nice job, Adam. Good to hear you're taking care of your calf while still getting your training in. I'm the same way with my knees. I make sure to pay close attention to anything my body might tell me, and adjust accordingly.

Keep going!