4 Miles yesterday. Temps have dropped here, it was about 35 degrees at 2:00PM. Went out just for 4 miles since my legs feel a little sore. Still had a good workout.

Also did what I would call my weight training. Cut and split wood on my property, a HUGE tree was blown over along my fence last July and I have been wittling away at it for the past year. I'll have enough wood next winter and more. Splitting wood is one of my second favorite exercise besides running. After cutting wood, I rewarded myself with some Bourbon and watched the NCAA basketball tournement, life is good.


Mary Christine said...

When I was younger, I used to love to split wood. It is a great work out and also a good way to release any aggression you may be feeling!

Faithful Soles said...

My family used to have a heavily wooded lot in North Carolina, and splitting wood brings back great memories (and soreness). I'll be interested to read your 1/2 marathon report.

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