I have sinned

Ok, for some reason the last 2 weeks I have been very unmotivated to run. Don't know exactly why, but just don't seem that I have the motivition to do it. I have run maybe 20 miles the last 2 weeks.

So starting tomorrow I am going back at it seriously. I will have my surgery next month, but I need to get back into some type of shape since I probalby wont be able to run a few weeks after.

I repent. I feel better now


Debbi said...

Since you're not having the surgery until next month, does that mean you'll still be running the Country Music Half? Either way, glad to see you posting again. I thought maybe you'd already gone under the knife.

P.Hill said...

Same thing happen to me as well. Im just starting to get back into it again. Its just the way it is sometimes :)