3.0 and Misc Garden Picts

Went to the gym and was going to run a short 4 miles since I have been putting in quite few longer runs lately. Well it was probably 80 degrees in the gym and all I could do was 3.o miles. Time was not too bad though.

Below are misc picts I have taken around the garden lately.

Heres a pumpkin bloom. Note the bumble bee doing his stuff down in the middle. I have 2 different types. One is the usual pumpkin. The other is a type that can possibly grow to a 150 lb pumpkin, I have the room so I thought the kids would get a kick out of it.

One of my 30 tomato plants loaded down.

Here's a bloom on my sweet potatoes. Thought it looked pretty cool.

One of my Jalepeno plants. I have not picked them in a while. The peppers started turning red.


Debbi said...

Wow ... what a great garden. Every year I tell myself "next year I'm going to plant a BIG garden." And every year I'm too lazy to get around to it. Looks yummy!

Mary Gee said...

That is a great garden. I could do some serious canning from that garden!

What is up with the gym being 80 degrees?! That's not fair!