Easy 3 miles this morning. The bad part about running this time of year, around daylight are the horseflies. Half of my run I had one buzzing by my head and sometimes landing on me. I would swat at and it would be gone for 20 seconds and then back again. Just enough to aggravate me.

About a year ago I was running and one them flew straight in my mouth. I coughed and gagged for about 2 minutes. It grossed me out so much, I stopped my run and walked back home.


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Debbi said...

I hate those big flies. Never ate one, though. That's a very gross thought.

Sue said...

Hi Adam, thanks for stopping by.

Just think of the protein you will be getting from the horseflies - that may make them more appetitising!?

Good luck with your training for the HM. It can be a daunting prospect but if you've trained well for it, you're already ahead of the game.