5 Miles Wednesday at a pretty good pace for me(10:17 Mile avg). Weather is cooler now and the run was one of the better ones all the way through, no pain at all and 50 degrees. I enjoyed it fully.

6 miles last night was a different story. There had been spotty showers around but it looked to me that it was going to just drizzle. Wrong answer. At about at 2 miles it started coming down steady and did not stop for the whole 6 miles, not to mention the wind picked up. I survived, but was really dragging the whole time. For the extra mile run, I averaged a minute more a mile than Wed. Not sure why, I didn't eat much yesterday except for lunch so that could be the cause. The only good thing after my run and cool down was the long hot shower.

I did jump 2 deer in a field next to my road, cool.

Off tomorrow, 5 miles Saturday and then 10 miles Sunday. My first double digit run. December 1st continues to draw near:)

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Debbi said...

You're doing great, Adam. I love it when I startle a deer or three. They make the funniest noise, and that's the only time I've ever heard it. They just don't stand around mooing like the cows do.