Week 5 of training complete.

7 Miles this morning. Up and at it at 4:45. It was about 65 degrees but muggy. Still hot for this time of year, I am looking forward to those 45 degree mornings.

I do have an injury that really has started to bother me during my long runs. Right at about mile 5, the toe next to my big toe really starts to burn(only on my right foot.) I've tried doing some research on the Internet but cant find anything that matches how it feels. I have noticed though that at the end of my runs, my shoes are tight. I figure my feet swell some during the long distance, so is my problem related to my shoes being too small? I wore a size 12 since I was 16, and about 2 years ago started buying 13's.(I'm 45 years old now).

I'm thinking about trying a 13-1/2, but then I'm starting getting into weird sizes that some companies may not offer. I really like my New Balance 757's.

More research on the net I guess, if anyone else has any input...it is welcomed.

I registered for the Memphis Half Marathon on Dec 1st, no turning back now.

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Debbi said...

Make sure the toe box of your shoes is wide enough. You may need a different "model." I'm a New Balance fan and have three different pairs, each of which fits differently.

Also make sure you're wearing very thin socks. If you need more cushioning, you might need to go to a larger size.

Finally, sometimes you just get these random, phantom pains toward the end of your training. They'll go away during the race. At least they do for me.