3/4/8 and soaked

3 Miles last Tues, 4 Wed. I tried to run Friday but my Shins and ankles were killing me. I think my 12 miles from Last Sunday caught up to me. I did not run again until yesterday and did an 8 miler. Shins were sore for about 2 miles, but then went away. 2 miles from the house it started pouring down and all I had on was a long sleeve shirt and shorts. 45 degrees, wet, and windy, not a good way to end a run.

I am going to try 5 tomorrow and maybe another 5 Wed, but that will be all for me until the race on Saturday.


Debbi said...

Happy birthday and have fun in tomorrow's race!

ws said...

Enjoy your first half-marathon - it only gets better after your first finish.