Memphis Half Marathon Completed

It is done.

I have never been in such a big even before, there were approxmately a total of 10,000 runners. Number and chip pickup Friday night was real quick and organized.

The weather was perfect, 40 degrees at the start and probably 65 at the end. There was a singer and or band at about every mile. One was an Elvis impersonator that sounded petty damn good.

I finished at 2:43. I have been trying to shake off a cold and it affected me the last 3 miles. I had to take 5 or 6 walk breaks at that point. My toe also really started to bother me, I am going to have a doctor look at it. The only problem I encountered is that at about mile 8 and on there were several of the water stations that ran out of cups so you just had to cup your had for a drink. That probably affected me, I did not get half the amount of fluids I needed.

Overall it was great.

Thanks to Mary, Debbie, and Phil for their support!!!

Whats next for me, no telling. Running will continue.


Debbi said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for checking in. That's crappy about the water stations running out of cups ... so glad you were able to finish!

Pokey said...

Great job on your HM!!!!

So when is the next one? ;)

Lesley said...

Congrats on completing the half marathon! I'm hoping to run one in the fall, so I enjoyed reading your blog.