A good year

Below are my results for this year. I certainly was a little lazy in mid december after my half marathon, but I am back at it and ran 3 miles yesterday and 5 this morning. I am going to register for the County Music Half Marathon that is on April 24th. I want to enter a few 5K's this spring too. We'll see what happens.

I'm going to spend a good part of the afternoon today shopping on ebay for a new sports watch. My fricking new Nike broke after about 3 runs. Maybe it is just a fluke, but sorry Nike...no second chances. I'm going to get another G-Shock. The one I had before lasted about 3 years.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!


Phil said...

Happy New Year to you and all your family Adam many thanks for all your support throughout 2008, It means a lot to me. I hope you have a wonderful 2009 and i will follow all your training and posts in the comming new year Cheers!!!

Amanda said...

Good Luck training for Nashville, I've heard that one is great.